Annual General Meetings

Unison Annual General meetings will be taking place around the region over the next few weeks.

Staff are able to attend any meeting, at any hub, regardless of their place of work.

Details are as follows

Staffordshire Stafford Constitutional Club  7th March 19.00hrs

Hollymoor Hub 13th March 17.00-20.00hrs

Erdington Hub 15th March 18.00-20.00hrs

Hereford Hub 18th March 13.00hrs

Worcester Hub 18th March 16.00hrs

Shropshire Hub 20th March 18.00-20.00hrs

PTS 20th March Gravelly Hub March 17.30hrs        

Dudley / MP-EOC 22nd March18.00-20.00hrs    

PTS Frankly 25th March 10.00-13.00hrs

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