Q: Any more on the Band 4/ Band 5 Tech grievance?

A: The new linked banding agreement, that is being explained to staff at the meetings that are being held across the region, will supercede the current Band 4 / 5 agreement so if agreed the grievance will be irrelevant.




 Q: I recieved a Queston a few wks back with regards Tecs working on cars, on overtime.

A: If this is happening, times and occausion should be noted, and passed to your senior rep which I believe is Stuart Gardener in your area

on 07739488336



Q; Any chance of placing a copy of the new CCTV Polices on this site

A; This should be out in the new year, i will place it on the web site.



Q: Is this the new site?
If so how come there is no new news?
Where are the meeting minutes that were promised?

A: Thank you for your Question. The upgrade has just finished, i do agree that it looks the same. the reason being that when upgraded all the data was transferred  across. Its now a case of updating this, with new topics. The benefit of the up grade is, you can access the site better from your tablet or your phone. Your patients is appreciated




Q: Is it correct that a grievance is in place in connection with band 4 technicians doing the same role as band 5 technicians,for less pay. Will a .criteria be produced for each specific role .yours glen wright,wmas.

A: A grievance was submitted stating that band 4 techs are carrying out the same role as band 5 techs so are in effect being paid less for doing the same job. 

A grievance hearing took place where management decided that for the interim period band 4 techs would not work solo as per their job description hence band 4 techs coming off RRVS. 
A risk assessment has been done looking at the 750 hours required in order for band 4 techs to be signed off and the policies and procedures surrounding this process which was found to be lacking greatly.
We are awaiting the outcome of the risk assessment and a further meeting regarding the grievance. 
Q: What's happening about CCTV on trucks? Rumours are it is already active on the new ones. Apparently it was said on the radio that it will be active on all trucks by January. Has Unison agreed this? Where is the policy?
A: This was brought to our attention some months back, that some vehicles the cameras were active. Unison fort this issue vigorously, expressing concerns that no policy was in place. Over the coming month work has been done on the policy, and will be ratified at the next R.P.F. This is an issue that we have had a number of members asking for these to be turned on, for safety reasons. So the date of January is a realistic date for them to be active. If you require more information about the reason for the cameras being installed, feel free to drop me another email.
With regards to your other Question, I will seek further information.
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