HCPC fees hike - email your MP

Dear Collegue, 

On Thursday the Health and Care Professions Council ignored the views of 90% of the people who responded to their fees consultation and voted through a hike in registration fees of 18%.

That increase will come into effect in October. UNISON is opposed to this increase and has been campaigning against it in the run up to last week’s decision.

And we won’t stop. Our campaign will continue until this decision is reversed – and you can help us. 

Please can you take a few moments to send a letter to your MP asking them to sign Early Day Motion (EDM) 2069. This calls on the HCPC to reconsider the 18% increase as a matter of urgency – we need your help to get lots of MPs to sign to show the strength of feeling about this massive increase in fees.

We have provided the text of the letter, but we would ask that you take a few moments to put in some personal information where prompted as we know this makes your letter more effective.

  Email your MP now

UNISON is very clear that this fee rise is unreasonable and we said so in our response to the consultation before the increase was agreed. 

We also told the HCPC that 99% of UNISON members did not support the increase and 76% do not believe the HCPC provides good value for money.

They ignored us – and everyone else who took part in their consultation.

UNISON is now committed to campaigning to get this decision reversed and for a more sensible approach being taken to the level of fees. We also want the HCPC to have a proper look at what support they provide to people who are registered to practise.

You can help us make a difference. Please write to your MP.

Yours sincerely,

Sara Gorton
Head of Health

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