As you know, the impact of the recent Agenda for Change changes on Annex E sickness payments has been the subject of contention!  UNISON’s position has been that the changes that were made to sickness payments (i.e. removing unsocial hours payments) do not have an automatic impact on Annex E, but the employers disagree with this.  They maintain that the principle of removing unsocial hours for periods of sickness absence should apply to staff paid under Annex E, and have proposed a methodology for how this deduction could be made. 

UNISON, along with other staff side unions, does not agree that this deduction can happen automatically but has agreed to consult members on the proposal.  Your branch will be talking to you over the next few weeks about what the employers have proposed and what this could mean for you, and will be asking you to vote on whether you accept or reject.   

Look out for more information and your ballot pack.


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