Dave Prentis says,
I want to wish you a very Happy New Year, and thank you for the hard work that many of you will have put in to keep vital services running over the Christmas break. 

This will be a big year for our union - in early January, our service group executives will meet to discuss the latest on pensions, and our campaign to protect the NHS will continue as the Health and Social Care Bill makes its way through the House of Lords. 

And I know that in your town or city, our union and will be campaigning to save vital jobs and services like libraries and day centres from cuts and closures. 

In the last year, our union has achieved so much – from our successful day of action, to the sea of purple and green that made its way through London’s streets in March to highlight the vital role of public services. 

Building on this strength and determination will see us through the challenges that we face in 2012.
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