The build-up to our day of action on 30 November continues, following the overwhelming yes vote in the ballot. 

Rallies and events are being organised around the UK, in conjunction with the TUC, to show our strength of feeling against government minister proposals to cut our pension rights. 

The recent statement in Parliament, proposing changes to the government’s original plans, has yet to be translated into offers in the individual scheme specific talks covering our members in the local government pension scheme and the NHS pension scheme.

We will meet to discuss offers any time, any place up to and beyond 30 November. 

Our strike action will go ahead on that date because Tory anti-trade union laws dictate that we have to take action within 28 days or the ballot is invalid.

Cabinet secretary, Francis Maude has no legal authority to say that our members can strike for 15 minutes and not lose any pay. 

Under those same Tory laws, that authority rests with employers. Our members are not employed by Francis Maude but by 9,491 separate employers.

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