A sickness or return to work interview should be about informing you and supporting you, NOT scaring you. You cannot - and should not - be threatened to get better. Your manager has no right to pry into your personal health.

  • Talk about work issues - use the interview in a positive way to get up to date with what you have missed. Have there been any changes or have you missed any team/station meetings? Did work issues cause the absence?
  • Respect yourself - if you have a problem relating to your manager interviewing you, request that you be interviewed by a different manager (e.g. of same sex)

  • Don't detail your illness - the interview should not be used to discuss specific details of your illness. Tell your manager to read the doctors reports.
  • Don't make promises - do not agree to reduce your absence in the future - you cannot be bullied into being healthy.
  • Don't be victimised - you have legal rights not to be unfairly discriminated against.

If the absence was due to an incident at work, ensure it is reported and logged - station log - accident book. If road staff and on a job, inform your relevant control ASAP - contact your UNISON rep.
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