Personal Injury Settlements December 2017
Please find attached a breakdown by branch of Personal Injury Settlements for
December 2017. The breakdown shows the amount of money which UNISON
recovered for members in Personal Injury Claim Settlements. In the Region
members received £90,648.03 in compensation for personal injuries
BRANCH                                                                                                                                  CLAIMED AMOUNT  (£)  
Birmingham Unison 1067
Central Water 23092
Coventry City 6260
Dudley General Unison 2000
Heart of Englang ( NHS Foundation Trust ) 1000
Sandwell General Unison 2525
Shropshire General 1500
Staffordshire Community Health 22250
West Midlands Ambulance Service 21881
Wolverhampton Acute Branch 4758
Worcestershire Acute Health 4315
Total 90648
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