Thank you to all the staff that took the time to complete the sickness survey.

A total of 414 responses were submitted.

For those that are interested, the results are as follows ...


Are you aware of WMAS sickness policy ?

Yes                           85.02%

No                             9.42%

Dont know                 5.56%



When off sick have you every felt pressurised to return to work whilst still suffering from illness/injury ?

Yes                             77.24%

No                              13.56%

Never been off sick     9.2%



Have you ever come to work when you know you are not fit to work ?

Yes                              83.57%

No                               15.22%

Dont know                   1.21%



Do you believe that WMAS management genuinely care about your health and welfare ?

Yes                             7.73%

No                              74.88%

Dont know                  7.73% 

Other                          9.66%


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