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Please watch our two minute film about what the NHS could look like under the Tory-led Government's proposals

Next Wednesday 7th September, MPs will have a final chance to vote on massive changes to the NHS in the form of the Health and Social Care Bill. The Government's 'listening exercise' did nothing to address many of the main issues that threaten the break-up of our NHS. It's vital to say 'No' to this Bill for many reasons, but here are just three to remember:

*Our money will be wasted on private profit and decisions made by management consultants

*Patient care quality will decline with postcode lotteries, hospitals closing, fewer treatments and longer waiting times

*There'll be more red tape, with costs to the NHS and taxpayers rising as hospitals are tied up in bureaucracy.

This is your last chance to tell your MP that they need to get involved NOW before it's too late.

*How you can help*

1) Email your MP today urging them to take action against the Bill - it only takes two minutes using our tool:

If you have a Lib Dem MP click here:

If you have a Labour or Tory MP, or aren't sure, click here:

2) Join the online vigil for the NHS to show MPs the level of concern about the threats to the NHS:

3) This Saturday and Sunday thousands of NHS supporters are coming together to fight for the NHS at events across the country. Find out about 'Big NHS Weekend' events near you now:

Please forward this email to family, friends and colleagues asking them to email their MP today - it's the most powerful action we can take in the next few days for the future of the NHS.

For more information on UNISON’s campaign and to download materials, see

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